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he has a neanderthal ass head. and i would let him headbutt me into unconsciousness while he hits it from the side. i would let him pop my knees out the joint and break my elbows then sling me across the room so i can hit the corners and fly in slow motion like the dvd logo when you put a movie on pause for too long. i would let him literally eat me out. he could just stick a fork in my right pussy lip and i would giggle like it’s some mild foreplay. i would walk around with bites of my body missing like them damn chocolate filled krave cereals just so everyone know i’m his fuckin boo.

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Bibi. Shot by Jens Ingvarsson.


seo hong seok for 87mm

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Bo Develius & Jordy Baan for United Colors of Benetton Spring/Summer 2014

Me in seventh grade: I hope I'm not gay
Me now: I want the soccer team to piss on me
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So when I went up to get my art autographed, Posey was like I KNOW THIS ONE, IT’S ON MY PHONE. They weren’t supposed to allow photos, but they let me take this quick one.


Matt Smith in American Psycho